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Thread: Ducky the Argus

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    Ducky the Argus

    Thanks everyone, i'm Jesse and this is currently the only monitor I keep. Ducky a male Varanus Panoptes horni, around 40", still growing and nearing a year of age. Wasn't part of the old forums, but i'm excited to be a part of this one! Thanks again, here's Duck.15750126_10210662758863434_1472258710_n.jpg15748748_10210662759543451_1492372429_o.jpg15778287_10210651515422355_93675447_o.jpg15778613_10210662758263419_1668911130_o.jpg15785352_10210662758623428_2071327334_o.jpg

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    He has such nice yellow on him Does that kind of color stay or does it go away with age?

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    It seems that one of two things usually happen, they get too caked with dirt to see any of the colour, or it ends up fading with age. I'm hoping he keeps at least some of it though.

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    Yah that would be nice! I can't wait to see the guy in person Once the snow is gone and I have the gas to get out there....I'm going for a drive when the time works for both of us

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    Sounds like more than a plan! This guy's too handsome to keep the veiwing to myself.

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    Ducky? do we have another Land before time fan??

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    Hahahaha, i'd like to say thats where his name came from, but more of the face when they look at you straight on, plus he adores the water. Hence the name Ducky.

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    In my effort to provide a more natural life for my animals, I have started to create an "evening" period. All the lights in the cage turn off except the basking bulbs, which get dimmed to the lowest they can. (About 92F) and every night since then? I've seen ducky sleeping under it for 1-2 hours before going to his burrows. Thought i'd share this with everyone else here. Ducky_Sleep.jpg

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    Ugh, love the argus so much! My next monitor will definitely be one of these beauties. Yours is very pretty!

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    The snow in our part of the world is slowly melting Jesse Soon I must visit this magnificent beast!

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