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Thread: Slow growth

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    Slow growth

    So I got a little savannah back in november last year. At the time, he was around 10" long and weight in at around 70gram. Now he's about a foot in length and weighs around 85gram.
    When I did research on savys, I read nearly everywhere, that they grow extremely fast, sometimes as much as one inch per week and are often around 3 foot in length at just a year old.
    Although he seems pretty healthy and all that, I would really like him to grow faster. Also savys are known as feeding machines, but my one rarely takes food from the tongues and often just hisses and tailwhips at it. He's fed with dubias, locusts and pieces of mice and chick. I try to feed him as often as possible, but for the last 5 subadult locusts I put in his tank (dusted obviously), it took him 3 days to eat them all. He's currently in a 5' by 2' by 2' with around 5" of soil mixed with sand (he isn't burrowing that much yet), two 75W halogen spots and a 50W UVB-Lamp. His basking spots are around 130-140F and the ambient temperature is around 80-85F. Every evening I give his tank a good mist, so everything gets nice and moist. He's pretty active with phases of exploring and what looks to me like searching for food (although he will rarely eat the food that's around if he finds it) and phases of just basking and laying around. He looks nice and healthy with a nicely rounded belly and is quite alert if I'm around and acts nicely defensive by hissing and tailwhipping me (I try to bother him as rarely as possible).
    As I already said before, I would really like him to eat more and grow faster. I know this sounds kinda weird, but I don't want to end up with a savannah thats not even as big as an ackie for like a long time and I mainly fulfilled my dream of getting a savy (after years of research) because I finally wanted a really big lizard. I know its weird, but I hope some of you can understand
    Also I'm already pretty experienced with reptiles overall and have been keeping and breeding a small wide array of species (mainly lizards like long tailed grass lizards, water dragons and many species of geckos) over the course of the last 5 years.
    I hope some of you can understand my point and help me out with this

    P.s. Sorry if my English isn't perfect, I'm from Germany

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    Hi, as far as I have read, Savannah monitors require 24" of substrate so they can burrow. The substrate should hold humidity. How large is the enclosure? Savannah monitors require a lot of room. The misting won't hydrate your Sav, you need to keep the humidity inside the enclosure quite high. What is the humidity inside the enclosure? Inside the burrow, it should be nearly 100%. That's why you'll need 20 to 24 inches of substrate that can hold moisture. Without the right substrate and the right depth, the Sav will get more and more dehydrated with every breath it takes and a dehydrated monitor shouldn't eat.
    You should read the site I've linked to below, but the main points it lists are these:
    Summary of a Properly supported Savannah Monitor

    Minimum cage size 8 feet x 4 feet x 4 feet or bigger
    Deep sandy soil floor to support digging burrows
    Hot basking area of 130 degrees (F) or HOTTER
    60% average humidity or higher
    large water dish (Changed daily or more)
    several hiding areas located throughout the cage.
    6500K and supplimental UV lighting, it should be well lighted during the daytime cycle to simulate a sunny afternoon in Africa.
    Read here, see if this helps and gets your monitor healthy:
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    I already listed the size of my enclosure, but here again: 5 feet long, 2 feet wide and 2 feet high. His substrate is constantly moist in the deeper layers. I already read tons of articles about this topic and my substrate seems to be perfect for him. This isn't the topic I wanted to discuss. I just wanted to know, how I can make him eat more food, since most people depict savys as real eating machines and mine just doesn't eat as much, as I would like him to.

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