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Thread: Can anyone help identify this lizard please?

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    Can anyone help identify this lizard please?

    Hello all!

    Though fascinated by lizards I am probably the least knowledgeable person here today.
    I come hoping that you good folk can solve a mystery for me.

    We live in central Paris in a fourth floor walk-up. One morning in November a few years ago I was storing some suitcases on a top shelf of piece of furniture. Not inside the cabinet but on top. Our building is a cement 1930's structure so no mice or other critters in hollow walls. We have (in the room concerned) floor to ceiling windows with a small balcony outside. And though we do travel we hadn't been to any warm climates in a long while.

    Having reached the top of the ladder to place the bags I was greeted (and almost fell off!) by the lizard in the photos. We have absolutely no clue how it came to be there. None of our neighbors have pet lizards. Four floors up, then six feet to the top of an slick IKEA cabinet, a healthy animal (5-5.5 total length,
    3.5-4 tail length.) On a dreary November day. Far past the time of year when windows are left open.

    If anyone can tell us anything we are all ears.
    And of course we appreciate, as any good student would, your expertise!
    My best,
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