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    Enclosure Construction

    Hi guys, im new here and am currently planning my Savannah Monitors enclosure. Its going to be for now 5x4x3. he is only a foot and maybe 3 inches not to big yet as he gets bigger ill build bigger to the eventual 8x4x4 (cant wait). I plan on using 2x4s and plywood but im curious about what to use to protect the wood from the moisture and humidity and what do you use for sealing corners and edges what is safest for my monitor I Love him very much and want the best. He is in a temporary tall 20 gal i am gonna go buy the materials this weekend and work like a man possessed to get it done he won't have to be in there much longer fortunately. Also anyone ever heard of pressure treated wood? Any help is greatly appreciated Thank You guys Happy Holidays


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    Hi....not sure what name to call you by so I'll just leave it at hi

    The best sealant that most keepers with cage building experience use is something called epoxy resin. It comes in 2 parts. I'll post a photo of an example of the type of thing you are looking for, but brand names don't really matter. Fiberglass epoxy resin, boat epoxy....those sorts of things is what you want to look for (or ask for if that's what you'd be doing)

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    I wouldn't wait for him to get any bigger before the adult sized cage happens. He is quite ready for it at any size but even more so if he is already a foot in length himself, they grow so incredibly fast and that upgrade but not quite adult sized cage will be too small before you know it. If you can do the adult sized one right away, please don't hesitate for any reason. They can put the whole cage to use with activity and the bigger the better really comes in handy when they want to be active. My sav was not even double digits in inch size before he was put into an adult sized cage. Although I can't say I know...but I think he looked like he really enjoyed all that space. He'd hang off his big log that overlooked his cage with quite the confident look to he thought he was king of the world lol. So the larger space doesn't do anything to their skittish nature. I personally found it to be the opposite and brought out a more confident attitude. Maybe it isn't that way with other even more flightier monitor species but for savs, I didn't find it to be the case at all.

    As for pressure treated wood, yes I've heard of it and actually used it myself, BUT I would not recommend using it by itself. You can use just regular plywood anyway. No matter what, the wood should be sealed or protected anyway, so the pressure treated wood isn't going to make any difference. I used it and found out later that its very toxic when in an enclosed space so I had to scramble to fix the issue with covering over all the wood. It was a hassle, so if I can save you the pain of going through the same, that would be great Caulking the seams with silicone is an idea. You can also look into something called frp panels. That stands for fiberglass reinforced panels. Its used in bathroom and shower stall installations and places like Home Depot and Lowes carries it for around $40 to $50 for a full 8x4 sheet of it. That is also a go to thing for a lot of keepers to use in their cage build

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    Thank you Lori for your reply and help and ok i will just go forward with the 8x4x4 i tried to view the photo attachment but the site wouldn't let me. But i will definetly be looking into the fiberglass and boat resins. Caulking the seams was my other thought but i wanted to make sure it was safe first. I can't wait to get started i don't like him being in the tall 20 gal, but gotta make due with the temporary for now. In other will also be getting him an exam and fecal check i bought him from Backwater Reptiles and I've heard some of the horror stories... but he is so calm, friendly very active very curious and very alert...,loves the occasional snuggle. I couldn't be happier. Hopefully the medical checks out with little to no problems. Anyhow Thank you for your kind help and ill throw in updates when i can i look forward once again to any additional help and info ☺

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    Sorry about the picture not loading, I'm very technically challenged but hopefully I made this one work for you. If not, just google 2 part epoxy resin and you'll have lots to choose from

    Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 6.51.57 PM.jpg

    That is a very good idea to get a fecal check on him, but word of warning, unless your vet is very experienced specifically with varanids, there aren't a lot out there who are really good with their monitor knowledge. Just very basic stuff. But the fecal is very useful because you are right, backwater reptiles isn't known for selling healthy and stress free animals. Something I'm wondering when you had mentioned your savs you handle him a lot?

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    Well i received him that way ever since then he has never hissed, whipped, charged me or bitten. I do handle him and take him out for 15-30 min of exercise but again pretty much right out of the bag he was a gentle giant of a sweetheart i hope he stays that way. Thank you for the re-upload i can see it now it helps very much.

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