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Thread: Building final big cage and need help on substrate!! Any help works

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    Building final big cage and need help on substrate!! Any help works

    Hello everyone.
    I'm new to this varanus talk site and I'm building my Savannah a new cage he's currently in a 3 foot by 4 foot by 2.5 feet tall with a foot of substrate and the substrate I used was sand and like coconut husk soil mix and I was wondering what substrate would be best for the new cage? I've read other forums of people using organic topsoil? Like with vermeculite and fertilizers? Is that okay to use? I've been reading different things and I honestly want the best for my baby. I'm located in humboldt county California so I've also read I could go into a forest and dig up dirt from there as well? Is that okay to do? Anything would help!

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    Hi and welcome to the forum

    Topsoil should be plain, no additives like vermiculite or fertilizers...that is potting soil, made for plant growth, but not for a monitor ingesting it. Absolutely, digging up outside dirt is great if you know the area is free from pesticides and chemicals being sprayed there. I myself went with a landscape company delivering a load of top soil mixed with some playsand because my own yard was not suitable and I didn't want to spend the time going back and forth with digging up from somewhere else...I was a bit lazy :P

    This is what my savs substrate looks like
    real dirt.jpg

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