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Thread: Question about my new baby water monitor

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    Question about my new baby water monitor

    I have a new baby that I got 4 days ago it's in a 75 gallon for now I'm planning to build a new and bigger habitat his basking light temp is 105 the cool side is 85 and humidity level is at 80 it spends most of his time in the hide is that normal behavior due to the fact that he is acclimating to his new habitat?. Also I'm not sure if he is eating but I do see that the meal worms are gone but again I'm not sure as he comes out for alittle but goes back to hiding Is it normal for him to skip a meal his first 4 days?. Maybe I'm just paranoid I try to give him his space as I do not want to stress him out. Any advice would be great.

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    Oh god yes, spending most of their time hiding when they are young is normal, and also expected when they have just been moved into a new home. Leaving food in a dish where you can monitor if things are being taken is a good way of going about it.

    As for your set up, I think you probably are best to consider changing some things. Building a custom cage and getting the monitor out of a glass tank is one (they are impossible to get proper basking temps without overheating the entire cage). This is a really decent care sheet for salvators I know of to read so you can make modifications to your housing and husbandry. I'm sure that will make a big difference in both the short term and the long run

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