So ive had a Dumeril for about 5-6 weeks now, shes an adult female and was about 2 years old when i got her. I had a few questions about her to make sure that im doing the best I can to give her a good like

1. What is the best weight for a Dumeril female to be at so i know shes not to thin and not to fat

2. What is the best way to tame them? Shes somewhat stubborn and flighty, so I want to know if theres a trick to it or if i just have to keep working with her by holding and petting etc.

3. What is the best diet? Ive been giving her primarily fast moving insects and a frozen mouse from time to time as a treat.

I believe that is all the questions I have at this point in time. Any help is appreciated. Thank you and have a good day.