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Thread: Water monitor help!

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    Water monitor help!

    Hello, I purchased a young water monitor 4 days ago and he hasn't been eating, I figured it was stress from being put in a new environment, nor has he been active at all. I've owned monitors in the past but this is my first time owning a water. I would love for him to eventually be tamed down like my past monitors as well and yes I'm aware of the size they grow and already prepared to build him an enclosure and everything lol. I would really appreciate the advice!!

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    I would just leave it be and leave it food n there. It will eat. If it's wildcaught I would get a fecal sample done asap as it's probably riddled with parasites. Just leave it be make sure temps are correct and has plenty of hides and it should come around. It's a very stressful time for them. They need lots of time to get acquainted with another new environment.

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