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Thread: Small monitor?

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    Small monitor?

    Im a new user by the way

    Ive been looking at monitor lizards and i was wondering if there were any smaller species that arent super flighty. I like the temperament of savannahs but i like the look of water monitors. Im low on space in my room for a large cage lol.

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    There are several small monitors to chose from actually. To list a few there are acanthurus, glauerti, tristis, kingorum, storri, pilbarensis. The most common are the acanthurus I think, so look at those species to see if they fit your interests and abilities to provide for. But to be honest (in my opinion), most of the small species are more display animals. I've seen some keepers with very interactive monitors but I think they may be the exception, definitely not the normal. Just something to be prepared for in case you have your heart really set on nothing but a monitor to keep. My ackies are not really flighty, but they prefer to be looked at and not touched much...which suits me fine.

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    Haven't been on here for ages, so sorry for the late reply.
    I agree with Lori, ackies are probably one of the best small monitors for being less flighty. Still not real good for handling, unless you are prepared for hours and hours of time spent with it.
    A small-er monitor would be a flavirufus, a subspecies of sand monitor (varanus gouldii flavirufus). It doesn't get as big as normal sandies, and generally have good temperaments. They grow to around a metre in total length.
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