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Thread: Thinking about adopting a sav...

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    Thinking about adopting a sav...

    There are several people trying to find new homes for Savannah monitors on my local Craigslist. I've been thinking about getting a monitor for awhile, and researching a lot for a few years by now. I have the supplies I need to build a cage, but haven't started building yet.

    I own a blue tongue skink, a butterfly agama, and several abronia, but this would be my first large lizard.
    Basically, I need to decide whether I want to adopt an older monitor, or get a baby to work with. I'd really like to hear people's opinions.
    I would also be a bit worried about a monitor I adopt having bad health problems. One of the ones on Craigslist does look kind of thin.

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    Its a gamble of course, and one thing that many would recommend if getting one with a shitty past is to have bloodwork done to check how well their organ function is

    You could do either of two things. Take the sav and give it a half decent life regardless if its not going to have a long life with you or pass it up. Most savs get passed from bad home to bad home, especially when you are looking at places like craigslist for them. That's where uneducated idiots go to pawn their mistakes off on others. What is the worst part of all is that these animals didn't deserve such a shitty life but there they are anyway....dying a slow death from shitty care. Its totally unfair to these monitors to have no more than a temporary entertainment value put on their existance.

    Its a very tough call because in one way, we want to help at least this one we have come across. But on the other hand, there are hundreds lined up right behind it in the same situation. For someone who is new to monitors, I would probably say to not take in one that may have health issues. My introduction to savs was exactly this and I was crushed to spend so much time and effort into educating myself and helping this poorly off sav...only to have him die anyway from the shit care that ruined his organs. He was doomed no matter what I would have done. He just got to die in a cage that was warm and humid instead of the cold and dry thing he was in before I got him. I was also a bit of a masochist because right after I took in 2 more from shitty prior care. They at least lived a few years with me, but this time I lost them because they were female. Not a lot of female savs out there living a long life.

    If anything, get a cage built prior to getting one no matter what one you choose to take (species or source of where to buy from). That in itself will be a huge plus towards having a great experience as opposed to a less than great one. This way it gives you the ability to get all aspects of the cage perfected and you're not scrambling to get something ready for an animal you already have.

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