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Thread: Spirit of the monitor, a few special moments...

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    Spirit of the monitor, a few special moments...

    Yesterday I posted this in another forum, so if you have seen it, my apologies. But I thought it would be appropriate here. I have, since September, found a mentor in monitors who has spent countless hours and typed thousands of words coaching me. We have begun discussing the spirit of the monitor, what is that essence that makes them what they are and how do we go beyond providing a sterile prison and make a place the monitor calls home? This is my report from yesterday, edited to suit this site. I don't expect replies or discussion, though it is welcome, but wanted to share the experience.

    My monitor mentor has tried so hard to help me "get it". He has patiently explained the same concepts to me (and I hope, used me to help get the message to others) in various ways so that I might have a decent understanding of what I should be trying to accomplish. And like a good teacher, he allows me to blunder about a lot and try to find my way. I am forever grateful.

    Today, some of it came together. After work, my evening plans canceled, so I thought I would spend a little time with my monitor, mainly observing.

    I took two shrimp, cut them up to make multiple treats, and a mouse and tongs and sat on Summerdog's big hollow log. In a few minutes she came out of one of her hiding places and started checking me out. I offered a shrimp piece and she went into classic monitor feeding frenzy. I led her through the log with it and rewarded her with the treat. We did this four times, wildly leaping about, mouth snapping. Then I just remained sitting still on the log while she checked out my slippers and all about me. For the first time I felt like I entered her world as a guest instead of forcing her into my world. She climbed up on the log next to me and looked up at me, cocking her head. I sat still, then offered a shrimp and she climbed right up onto my lap and ate the treat with gusto. After a few minutes she backed down and sat between my slippers which are sherling and soft. She's in shed and she seemed to enjoy rubbing against the sheep skin. Then she crawled into the log I was sitting on, tail hanging out one end, nose out the other. And we sat that way together for a long time. I gave her a mouse there, and as I left, she was flicking my leg. She remained in the log and watched me out the glass for awhile and then went about her life.

    Throughout the experience, I didn't really feel compelled to hold her or pet her. I didn't want to dress her in an outfit and make her conform to pet world. I simply got to sit with her and let her be a lizard all around me.

    I was well rewarded.
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    Baturis lizard spirit is Mr Bitey lol. When I've sat with him in his cage, he has occasionally approached me and inspected my pant leg, then proceeded to taste if I was edible. A week or so later he did the same with my sleeve. Not in any sort of aggressive way, but he is definitely a wild lizard at heart and to be priviledged to still get close to a wild lizard that trusts me enough to be unafraid of my presence in his space is quite the thing. My females were more calm and gentle in some ways

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